flexible duplication workflow

The DCP360 App offers secure access to the D2 DCP360 DCP duplication hardware from any PC, Mac, or tablet. The user interface is straightforward and specially developed of use with touchscreen/tablet. Onscreen help & warnings are provided to get a first time user familiar in minutes after booting the duplicator.

The APP can handle individual actions (like check-disk, format, bulk delete, duplication & verification) or combine them in a batch for later execution. It allows for simultaneous duplication of 4 masters to all or some of the available target disks. DCP360 reads out your DCP PKL file and stores DCP name and key information in its extensive duplication log. The software auto-senses inserted master & target disks. Re-duplication of same content is easy and reports of actions are simply e-mailed to the user. A dashboard or status page offers information on master & target disks in use, DCP information and a detailed progress bar and countdown. The APP works on top of the optimized DCP duplicator hardware controllers to offer highest duplication speed.




D2 offers also the following products:

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